A Kimono – Mid 17th Century : Japanese, from Ki ‘wearing’ + mono ‘ thing’

A timeless, iconic, Japanese inspired garment that can be worn as a dressing gown, as a statement piece over jeans or to the beach as a cover up.


“ I received mine as a baby shower gift ! I didn’t even know I needed it until I owned one, week 2 and I need another ! “
“ A Kiki Kimono is truly the best and easiest gift to give – a real winner”
“ I bought one for myself, then one for my mom , then she bought one for my sister, then my sister-in-law wanted one, so she got one. Then she got one for her friend… ”
“ I have never felt so glamorous at home”
“I absolutely adore mine! Feel so glam. Thank you…”
“I live in mine”
“Looooooving my kimono xx”
“I have had mine for years and I still wear it everyday”
“I love the fabric, it’s so soft . I travel a lot and it goes everywhere with me”

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